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Hanging scroll Chinese artifacts

In China, there were so many inventions which changes the world: Chinese character, papers, wood-block prints, ink Cakes, silk banners. Those are Chinese artifacts which can make hanging scrolls basic technologies. Hanging scrolls in China, originated texts written on bamboo strips and silk banners. It is also the history of literacy in China so that hanging scrolls in China is as same as the historical Chinese knowledge of artifacts.

The earliest artifact of Chinese ink cakes can watch BC 111th century, plant dyes used with mineral inks. An animal-based inks being occasionally. Mineral inks based on materials used for recorded the events on a bamboo strips. China experiences so many civil wars and burned so many historical recorded things because they use chinese character and make their own knowledge and cultural style. Every winner make history and loser disappered at that time with their records.

In China, hanging scrolls spreaded with the Buddihism which rooted deeper to live with seasonal situation. There were so many event to pray with Buddhism gods and put suitable hanging scrolls at once.Then they made hanging scroll at temporary and changing hanging scrolls day by day. The design of bamboo strips is very easy to roll up and down as well and ancient Chinese people could stock and bring easily.

And more, hanging scroll were cheeper than any other spiritual icons: Jewelry, Buddha statue, building temple. All in all, hanging scrolls were the strongest way of a pleasure of the populace's at large every day at that time.


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