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Hanging scroll Chinese ink paintings

There are 3 kinds of categories in Chinese ink paintings. First is a famouse chinese poems and historical stories in chinese characters with a maker where he sang a lirics at a site. And also sometimes draw with a spiritual soul such as buddihism gods and godnesses or the mind of wild nature, put on hanging scrolls. They made it chinese ink use for characters and colorful ink for drawings for a person with flowers, trees or some kinds of plants.

The next is the Chinese charactors only to write down on hanging scrolls. You know, Chinese charactors is one of the Hieroglyphic character, came from world resources. And then the alignment of significal things and create communication among the people of the same group. Of course they use only chinese chacol ink to make them: Heart Sutra, Du Fu's works, he called the "Poet-Historian" and the "Poet-Sage" by Chinese critics. Du fu is the most influenced person for Chinise and Japanese arts.

The criticism of Du Fu's works had focused on his knowledge of history, his strong ethical and moral engagement and his poem's technical excellence such as mother tangue rhymes. There are so many hanging scrolls which copyed century and century, over the borderline.

The last one is a landscape with epic poetries historical facts: The Romance of Three Kingdoms, Confucianismthe teachings of Confucius, the thoughts of Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu, The account of travel around Europe, Water Margin. Most of the hanging scrolls are snapshot for the point of most impression event in the stories.


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