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Hanging scroll famous landscape paintings

Hokusai KATSUSHIKA's "Fu-Gaku 36 Kei" and Hiroshige UTAGAWA's "Tokai-do 53 tsugi" are two top of the Japanese famous landcape paintings and also very famous about ukiyo-e put on hanging scrolls. The greate artists inspired European impressionists how to make light with natural resource moving. Ukiyo-e can print out using silk so that to make easier than using brash by hand. So many people bought these ukiyo-e hanging scrolls all over the world. Even now a days, those printings rearrenged and sell put on small daily use: smart phone's cover, strups and so on.

Hokusai loved Mt.Fuji so much and he draw and select 36 photogenic Mt.Fuji works which is named "Fu-Gaku 36 Kei" . "Fu" is Mt.Fuji's "Fu" and "Gaku" is mountains around Mt.Fuji. "kei" stands for landscape in Japanese. Aka-Fuji is Red Mt.Fuji in Japanese, one of the famous landscape paintings at Hokusai's work and sold as a hanging scroll.

Daimyo's alternate-year residence in Edo, ancienct Tokyo's name, there was no choice for the members to have a break and stay during the way to Edo. They used to be walk Tokai-do and stay 53 post towns. Hiroshige was the member of the public caravan, to offer a sacret hose for the emperor at Gosho in Kyoto. He walked to the way to Kyoto on Tokai-do and so many experiences inspiered his art works. He painted 53 works after trip and this great job grew him the most greatest and famous landscape painter in Japan. He also walk other highway, Nakasen-do and drawing landscapes where he faced to touch his mind.


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