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Hanging scroll fine art gallery

Have you ever enjoyed at fine art gallery? Yes or No is not problem now. We watched the truth of what is fine art at that box. Then, I would like to know what is the fine art and why we need fine art gallery? A fine art is a just developping a beauty of a work and art. When you recognize a work of a fine artist who earn own yourself, you could create your originalities. So quite few people realize this oner during their living. For example, Vincent van Gogh, Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin and Amedeo Clemente Modigliani.

In Japan, Sharaku TOSHUSAI is a kind of legend who draw more than 140 works in only 10 months after all he never figured out at the ukiyo-e world. German Phsycoloigist Dr. Kurth, he was a one of the masterpiece collector, praised Sharaku's ukiyo-e works with those of Rembrandt and Velazquez.

Most of Sharaku works were hangking scroll style and every Edo people enjoyed hanging scroll arts at their home. This is usuful to exchange hanging scroll works fit for Japanese environmental situation. It is easy to treat when you don't need. You just roll hanging scroll to tiny size and put cabbinet until comming next year.

Why people love hanging scrolls? We Japanese have fore seasons, actually more than 7 seasons, each environment difference. However it inspired our sprits of nature mind and a fan of transforming greens day by day. So many artist draw ukiyo-e paintings which concept is the cycle of the nature world and put it their works on hanging scroll. Sharaku painted portraits of kabuki actors. His drawn kabuki actors show dynamism and energy how to depicted them too truthfully and perform active face and move. Is beyonded Utamaro's methodorogy. We always evolute new art from our future genertion because we can know the future there is no way to see reality of now.


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