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Hanging scroll flowers painting

In Japan, we describe natural world "Ka-Cho-Fuh-Getus". Flowers are the top of "Ka-Cho-Fuh-getus", "Ka" is a flower in Japanese so that there are so many flowers paintings on hanging scrolls.

Of course ancient Chinese people also love a flower however the representative flower is not as same as China and Japan. Chinese the flower of the origine is a peony. In Japan, a cherry bloosm is the flowers of the flower, "Sakura". "Sakura" is also the meaning of the spring in Japan.

When you use search engine like google, and type in "ukiyo-e" and "flowes". You can get a lot of ukiyo-e flowers with a birds. We Japanese put on the symbol of the plant is a flower and also the synbol of animal is a bird. We can see a flower and a bird under sun lignt.

However, ukiyo-e painting artists draw flowers painting with a bird is the standard of the ukiyo-e flower. The flower is non-act life but the bird is fly over the sky constructly. Japanese flowers painting included the beauty of locked and un-locked but "Fu" stands for wind can move locked flowers also it changes color and shpape second by second. "Getsu" is moon in Japan simply however Japanese charactor has several meanings and sound: Chinese faces and Japanese faces. Quite hibrided and high context culture, we Japanese people are developing.

Now conteporary art in Japan, many painting artist draw flowers painting on hanging scrolls. We have so many artifical products and colors but we always learn from ukiyo-e painting artists as well as European impressionists.


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