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Hanging scroll funky wall art

Despite of it being traditional, with roots that can be traced back thousands of years; hanging scroll funky wall art can be a great addition to any home. Modern houses may not have the usual tokonama like the old Japanese houses, but it doesn’t stop new breed of artists from continuing the hanging scroll tradition.

Specialized shops in Japan also offer customized kakejiku. You can choose your own design: paintings, kanji characters made by experienced Japanese artists and they will custom made it for you. These are perfect for theme-inspired homes, as gifts, and as martial arts room decorations. Those who love buying and wearing kimonos can benefit from having a Japanese themed space in their houses.

You can also choose among different shapes and sizes. The maru hyousou shape is perfect for those who like to use more than one kanji character because the shape of scroll is longer. The base of the scroll is fabric, and on the center, a rice paper sheet is places. Two brocade borders line the edges of the sheet. Two or three kanji character, depending on the size of the stroke, can fit on a maru hyouso shaped scroll.

The sandan hyousou shape can be used when you only need one kanji ideogram at the center of the scroll. It is more square-shaped than maru hyousou. A different color lines the rice paper, different from the top and bottom portion, giving it three levels of colors. The central base can be made of high-grade brocade fabric.

Hanging scroll wall arts are popular decorative elements not just among nobility but among common people as well. They are hung in temples, religious places and any typical household. A lot of ancient hanging scrolls are now considered antiques or important historical relics. Some of it, although very expensive, can be acquired from auction houses and special novelty shops.

It is great to find or purchase a scroll that is relevant to your personal desires and aspirations. Hanging scrolls are often used to show a narrative or a poem. Wise sayings written in calligraphy are also popular among modern household. For workplaces, it is advisable to choose a hanging scroll décor that fuels creativity, and inspire someone to be more far reaching with their goals. Whether you just want a scroll as a giveaway, a household décor, or as your own personal statement, there are plenty of designs from many artists to choose from.


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