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Hanging Scroll Japanese Contemporary Art

In these modern times, it may be hard to choose the best hanging scroll art or kakejiku for your home. Hanging scroll Japanese contemporary art is favored through the years, not just in Japanese households but also in different parts of the world. There are different styles and symbols you need to think about before buying a scroll art. You also need to consider the theme you want to create in your room, and the mood you want to set for a ceremony. Most scroll arts are known for featuring magnificent landscapes, colorful sceneries and even mythical paintings that are drawn on the entirety of the scroll. The dramatic scenes depicted in these arts can create a strong statement on any type of room. The owner’s personal desires can also be conveyed through its symbols. A painting of a stone in a body of water or a koi fish swimming can be a symbol of tranquility and good fortune. During tea ceremonies, it is good to find an interesting contemporary piece that can be the focal point of the room, and a great conversation starter.

Hanging scroll arts can also give any room a meditative or contemplative view. A viewer who passes in a kakejiku with a Zen calligraphy saying will be reminded to stop and savor the moment. A kakejiku that features a good contemplative thought for its readers can be best hanged near the front door or corridors. It leaves the viewers a thought for the mind as they enter and leave the home.

Haikus are also great symbols in Japanese kakejiku. Haikus are short poems, often consists of 17 sounds divided in three parts. They use sensory language to create an image or invoke the readers’ feelings. With just a few syllables, the writer can convey a story, as colorful and as lyrical as a painting. Using calligraphy, these haikus are transformed into a stunning works of art. This type of kakejiku is perfect in any places where a sense of creativity is needed such as in offices and workplaces. A kitchen and a home library can also benefit from this type of scroll art. Whether you want a kakejiku in your personal space or public surroundings, it is better to choose the right type that symbolizes your desires, and those that add beauty and meaning to the spaces where they would be placed. Also, choose the ones that match your interiors and complement your room decors.


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