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Hanging scroll landscape artist

Landscape painting techniques come from Chinese Ink wash painting. Chinese paintings show the thoughts of Taoism, Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism however ancient japanese landscape artists transformed more simplify and imaginability such as sansui-ga, from black to white monotones put on greenish tones to represent mountains, animals, water fall and trees.

"San-sui-ga" has base concept which is "Fuh-Koh-Mei-Bi", sometimes picturesque or a beautiful mountain and river landscape in English. Actually, this translation is not enough to explain the word. "Fu" means winds, "Koh" means sun lights, "Mei" means outstanding and "Bi" means beautiful. Wind comes from water falls boiling spot, and the leaves with trees are moving. Tree leaves make sound every tranbling, and also sun light and shadow are drawing shadow paints. Those are changing every time every where however this is the sun light and wind magic from natural spirits. This is outstanding beautiful landscape arts, isn't it? After all, hanging scrolls were getting center of the Japanese painting art.

Drastic development happened in pigments making process during Azuchi-Momoyama period. Before Azuchi-Momoyama period, pigments made from powder which broke rocks and grounded to be fine. In this period, they made pigments from sea shell. And also the technology to distill developed so that it was getting easier to make a fake-gold pigment: A moguword grounded down finely such a herbal fiber.

Japanese landscape artist always tryed to paint natural lives in Japanese, "Ka-Cho-Fuh-Getsu". "Ka" means flowers, "Cho" means birds, "Fuh" means wind and "Getsu" means a moon and people put the nature to choose representaties from plants and animals, which can see under the sun, however some natural powers can not control for human bings wind can not watch itself under light. The opposite of the sun is moon and ancient Japanese had kept mind the balancing and lived with every wild spirits. Landscape artinsts drew universe of the world on limited space using hanging scrolls.


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