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Hanging scroll nice paintings

We Japanese have huge amount of nice paintings and we can enjoy them both online musiumns and heritabes. Most of nice paintings before WW2 are hanging scrolls.

Japanese house has an alcove which is decorated with a flower arrangement and a sesonal hanging scroll. The alcove was the load of family only could set on there so that the area was a sacred space as a position high one step called "Hare" stage. Also it shows authority of the load.

The alcove is "Toko" in Japanese which fandamental meaning is a universally, non-changable forever, and it turns to be strong and remains unmoved. For example, we use "Toko-yo" which stands for eternal and also a hades. The symbol of the family's union power and success eternally without family put on an end. To provide put "Toko" on a part of floor brought the code of leading whole of building.They always connected to natural spirit through a hanging scroll with nice paintings. The paining is only a word or simple flower.

Rikyu and his brothers developped a n alcove with only wall and neel put for a hanging scroll. This is Wabi and also Japanese people believed "Ku" is a space of nothing where spiritual souls comes and live. The space is only washing and reflesh mind and soul without pump handicrafts. The nice painting stands for brings us the time to reset our mind to connect our higherself to watch a hanging scroll. We can live nature everyday at an alcove, out home.


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