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Hanging scroll woodblock prints

Korin OGATA (1658-1716) is the first person in Japan to use woodblock with his painting works. Why he is the developer of woodblock prints for ukiyo-e and why he know how to drive it? He born in the famouse family of the Japanese traditional dye technic, Yuzen. He put fake gold cake color on his works. After his task, other painter draw beautiful flowers, animals and so on using a chinese ink brush made of animal furs.

Woodblock print is based on Chinese methodorogy of the printing on textiles such as text, images and some kind of patterns.It spread widely in East Asia. And rich forest brings benefits: books, painting works for people until the 19th century.

It is the birth of pump Momoyama art in Kyoto, Japan. Hove you ever faced on a Hanging scroll at Japanese tea ceremony? It is far from Momoyama ways however sympify is the best for Wabi-sabi and woodblock prints on Hanging scroll were getting imaginable. It means wider blank space our mide creats own models which is based on uncognitive mide. It is called "MA". We Japanese put something Zero space and reflect and communicate our mind daily. It also figures out what is "KUU". When we separate from outside noise and approaches insight messege from our soul. If you see nothing in your mide, you experience "KUU" in yourself. It beyonds everything comes from your ego.

Hanging scroll and woodblock prints bring us to face on "MA" and "KUU". The greate Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai KATSUSHIKA, he is also respected for Korin's way of drawing style so that he successed the methodology of woodblock prints use.


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