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Ink Painting

Art is one of the best activities or passion. There are different ways to do an art like painting, brushing, drawing, just to name a few. Painting is the best thing to describe an art. Back then, old painting is classy and amazing because they just use different kind of painting tools knowing that there is no enough colors around that time, they simply paint with their own skills and abilities which is very incredibly amazing. Painting uses brush, handmade with several of colors. In this article, we will focus on the ink painting. Ink painting grows in popularity and more people want to make an art by ink painting. Ink painting started during ancient times and adopted in today’s culture.

Ink painting usually uses black color. Actually, ink painting is popular in East Asian because they use ink painting. In fact, over a decade most of the art used is ink painting that’s why Ink painting has been one of the amazing art ever, it’s unique and the result is simply amazing. In ink painting, you should know the basic way on how to paint using ink. You should know the different feature of ink before ink painting so that you will have a great result. As you know, inks are slimy and glossy but there are think ink so each of these ink characteristics should be used to create an amazing masterpiece.

The best way to pain using ink is that you are prepared and practice to make it perfect. Don’t just paint whatever you want it; just use your common sense and paint using ink gracefully. Just remember to do more experiment to become a professional ink painting. Ink painting is very interesting kind of art and you must try it.


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