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Japanese Art History

Japanese art works are known all over the world but the Japanese people really consider themselves one of the best artists in the world. When we talk about Japanese art history, it is such a broad topic and there are a lot of Japanese art forms that are involved when we talk about their history. The most common Japanese art based on the Japanese art history are painting, sculpture, ancient pottery and of course calligraphy. Japanese cartoon or anime is also a part of the Japanese art history and up to this very moment, this type of art form are appreciated by the whole world and it is one of most famous art form that the Japanese are known for up to this very moment.

The first settlers of Japan are called the Jomon people and these people are also known as the first ever artists of Japan and their art form are known as Jomon art based on the Japanese art history. The Jomon people are the forefathers of Japanese art because they were the first inhabitants of Japan and they provided the first ever Japanese art works.

In my own opinion, the Japanese are the best artists in the world simply because they separate themselves from any other race all over the world based on their unique and great art works. The Japanese art history has been taught in all schools in Japan especially in the Japanese art school. Artists from Japan pay respect from their ancestors for giving them a great foundation if we talk about Japanese art. Right now in the modern time, a number of foundations are supporting Japanese artist and that’s a great way to promote more about Japanese art. Indeed I am a big fan of Japanese art works and simply I consider those art works the best of the best in the entire world and there is no other art form that could come close as the Japanese art basing on the Japanese art history.


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