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Japanese Drawings

When people talk about Japanese drawings, the thing that comes in my mind is manga or Japanese anime. Yes it is really true because the Japanese were the first to popularize the anime or cartoon especially manga. Japanese artists are simply the greatest in the world simply because they have great imaginations especially if we talk about Japanese drawings or the manga and anime. Actually a manga is a comics that is created in Japan and these comics have actual drawings and the drawings are very amazing that’s why it is very popular because aside from the story of the comics, people get to like it because of the drawings as well.

Japanese drawings are simply amazing and this type of art form has been a part of the Japanese art history. The Japanese are really great artist and most of them are very popular not only in Japan but all over the world. Everytime you see a Japanese drawing, there is really something special about it that separates that piece of drawing from any other drawings in the world. It seemed that the Japanese drawing have their own flow of design and color especially if we talk about anime or the manga. These are examples of Japanese drawings that are very famous all over the world.

In a Japanese art school, the students are taught first about the history of art in Japan and then their teachers teach them well in order to become great artists someday. In my own opinion, I consider the Japanese as one of the greatest artists in the world right now simply because their art form are known globally and not only in Asia.


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