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Korean Art History

Korean art is simply one of the best art forms not only in Asian history but in the world history. Koreans are known to be great painters and of course based on the Korean art history, their specialties include pottery, calligraphy and even surface decorations. Korean art is known to be very colorful and lively and that separates them from any other art form of any other race. Korean art history is also taught in Korean schools right now especially in art schools in order to pay respect to their elders who gave the foundation about Korean art form.

When the first Koreans occupied the Korean peninsula, during the time of 50,000 BCE, pottery became their first art form and it is similar to Japan and China as well that pottery became the foundation of art in their country. After pottery, a lot of art forms had surfaced and the latest Korean art work that is still being practiced as of this very moment is painting and calligraphy. The Korean calligraphy is known worldwide because of their brush-strokes, or should I say Koreans have their own signature when it comes to that piece of art.

I have always been a big fan of Korean art form and upon reading the Korean art history, I was even more fascinated because I simply appreciate how great their ancestors were and on how they built a strong foundation about Korean art. All countries have their art history and to tell you honestly, Korean art is simply one of the greatest art history in the entire world. Despite that their country faced several problems in the past yet the Koreans were still able to preserve their art and passed in from one generation to the other. But the most senior art form in Korea is pottery and not painting since it is the first ever art work of the country and up to this very moment, still a lot of people are practicing this form of art and a lot of professionals in the world are from Korea.


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