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Korean Paintings

Korean paintings were greatly influenced by the Chinese painting but as time passes by, Koreans made their own signature when it comes to paintings. Aside from that, a lot of famous Korean painters are also known worldwide producing great forms of art. Korean paintings are simply amazing and every time I see one, I just can’t help but appreciate it because of the fact that Korean painters are really awesome and they produced lots of great paintings all throughout the decades.

Korean paintings were also greatly influenced by Buddhism and it all started during the Goryeo dynasty. Up until this very moment, Buddhism paintings made by Koreans are well appreciated around the world and thanks to the great Korean ancestors; they were able to pass their talents from one generation to another. Now in the modern time, people in Korea pay deep respect to their elders and ancestors in Korean art form that’s why some of the Korean paintings are greatly influence by their ancestors as well.

There are a lot of great Korean paintings but my favorite piece of art among all of those great paintings that the Korean painters made is simply the Buddha painting. Every time I see a Buddha Korean painting, I instantly appreciate it not only the art form but also the artist who made such a great painting. Korean calligraphy is also a type of art form or painting in Korea, they called it Korean calligraphy simply because the artist of the painting is from Korea and the way the artist paints his arts have a Korean signature. Aside from the modern Korean painting, I also appreciate the Korean folk art painting, and it is one of the well protected art form in Korea. Folk meaning ancient art form and this type of art form is well preserved by the artists of Korea. Some of these paintings are seen in Korean museums so that the people of the new generation would be able to appreciate the paintings that were created by their ancestors.


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