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Traditional Japanese Art

A traditional Japanese art could also be referred as a Japanese culture art meaning, this type of art form has been practiced by Japanese since the start of their existence here on earth. Traditional Japanese art includes painting and calligraphy and also pottery. Right now in the modern era, traditional Japanese art are still practiced by Japanese artists because those artists would not want that the traditional Japanese art will be forgotten by the new generation that’s why they are pushing to still continue what their ancestors built and still those artists would like that the traditional Japanese art would still be appreciated and practiced by the new generation.

Japanese art history is simply amazing and I consider the Japanese as one of the great artists in the world simply because Japanese people especially the artists are very creative and still they manage to have a unique piece of art that separates them from any other people in the world. But when we talk about traditional Japanese art, we can’t help but consider the influence of the Chinese art as well because the Chinese people were the first artists in Asia.

When we talk about traditional Japanese art, then of course we could also talk about the Jomon period and the Yayoi period because during this time, traditional Japanese art were practiced and up to this very moment, pottery which is considered as a traditional Japanese piece of art is still being practice up until this modern era. As the Japanese tradition was developed later on, Japanese art form was also developed at the same time and that includes traditional Japanese art like painting, calligraphy and also in-wash painting. To conclude, I simply appreciate the traditional Japanese art and thanks to the Japanese ancestors who protected and passed this type of Japanese art form right now and to the people who still encourage a lot of artists right now to practice the traditional Japanese art form.


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