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Woodblock is made from wood or a single wood allowing creating percussive sound. Woodblock has been used from East Asian as percussion instrument. Woodblock is similar to a drum; it comes with stick to make a sound. Woodblock is small drum and it made from wood. In centuries, woodblock is used as a percussion instrument. Since we are so modern today, woodblock is attached on an auxiliary boom with a cymbal stand. If you see a wood drum then it’s not the modern drum, its called woodblock. Actually, it is better at least we know different kinds of instrument since it has been part of our ancestor’s cultures. It is tradition to other country and woodblock plays a big role in the society.

Aside from being a musical instrument, woodblock is also a technique for printing. Yes it is a certain technique for printing text designs and this type of technique is used all over East Asia. Woodblock technique first originated in China and right now in Japan, it is known as Ukiyo-e, a Japanese type of woodblock art. Woodblock is not only popular in China, Japan and other countries in East Asia but also in Europe. Europeans are also using this particular technique in printing their images and texts.

The origins of woodblock art technique came from China and as generations pass by, the technique has been handed over by the ancestors until it spread all over Asia. Right now in the modern time, we could only see the remains of woodblock painting but there are still some people who practice this kind of technique although some may consider it as an ancient technique but other artists would simply appreciate the beauty of this technique.


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