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About Hanging Scroll

Japanese Haning Scroll red carpA hanging scroll(wall hanging, or wall scroll, is a type of traditional scroll, with rods on the top and bottom, usually hung on walls.) is one of the many traditional ways to display and exhibit Chinese painting and calligraphy. Displaying the art in such way was befitting for public appreciation and appraisal of the aesthetics of the scrolls in its entirety by the audience. The traditional craft involved in creating such a work is considered an art in itself. Mountings can be divided into a few sections, such as handscrolls, hanging scrolls, album leaves, and screens amongst others. Hanging scrolls are generally intended to be displayed for short periods of time and are then rolled up to be tied and secured for storage. The hanging scrolls get rotated according to season or occasion, as such works are never intended to be on permanent display. The painting surface of the paper or silk can be mounted with decorative brocade silk borders. In the composition of a hanging scroll, the foreground is usually at the bottom of the scroll while the middle and far distances are at the middle and top respectively.

Hanging scrolls are decortaive items for Japanese room. It is necesarry item for a tea room with a flower arrangement. We introduce you various hanging scroll from tasteful Sho (a calligrapy) to beautiful Drawings such as carps, birds, flowers and etc here. Please choose one of those which matches your room and to place it. It sure becomes wonderful entertainment. We also introduce other Japanese fine arts such Woodblock Prints, Books of art here. Please enjoy checking up each item.

The name of each part

The name of each part Hanging scroll is made from silk, Japanese paper, wood & special glue. Kakejiku hates an environment that is too moist or too dry. Please pay attention to the following to keep it in good condition. Please do not hang the Kakejiku in a room in which the air conditioner is working excessively. When storing, please keep the Kakejiku away from moisture. Please give an airing in the shade twice a year. Please do not leave Kakejuki hanging for a long time. Sometimes, roll it up. When storing, please do not roll Kakejiku up too tightly.

Please be advised that once a damage report is submitted, your payment will be refunded or your order will be shipped again.



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