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Buddha Painting

Buddhist art is a very popular art in Japan and it is an artistic practice of painting Buddha and it is greatly influenced by Buddhism. Buddha painting is actually very cool and it has been practiced for a very long time right now. Aside from Buddha painting, there are also some artists that practiced Buddha tattoo art and it is also one way of expressing their practice in art and their faith in Buddha. To tell you honestly, Buddhism played a great role for the development of Japanese art during the 16h century. Buddha painting was one of the first piece of art that is being practiced by Japanese in the past that’s why right now, we could witness a lot of Japanese Buddha painting that came from the previous generation.

Buddha painting could also be a part of today’s fashion trend also because Buddha painting artist not only paint their designs on a piece of paper but also in walls, T-shirts or even tattooed those pieces of arts. It is really amazing to see and witness Buddha painting and I can’t help myself but appreciate this piece of art. Together with Buddhism, Buddhist art was also introduced in Japan and it seemed that it came with a package because people started to like Buddha painting alongside practicing the religion.

During the ancient times, Buddha sculptures were popular and not painting but as time passes by, Buddha painting were introduced to the people and a lot of people practiced it as well because it is more easy to paint Buddha as a piece of art rather than sculpting it. But it doesn’t mean that Buddha sculpture is not being practiced right now, what I’m trying to say is that Buddha painting is just more popular right now and it has become a trend worldwide simply because this piece of art is really amazing. It is very fascinating to look at a Buddha painting and right now in Japan, there are a lot of Buddha painting artists and these artists are really good because they are professional artists and they have been in Buddha painting for a very long time.


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