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Chinese Art History

The history of Chinese art is considered as one of the foundations of arts in Asia. Chinese people are very artistic and it is already carved in their history as well that they were one of the very first Asians who have amazing perception about art that’s why the Chinese art history is well respected and well appreciated by the Asian people. The Chinese art is considered as one of the oldest art form in the history of the world. Chinese are known to be very artistic and from the first Chinese dynasty up to the very last dynasty, the Chinese have been known for their way of expressing themselves in the form of art.

The Chinese art originated way back in 10,000 BC. Could you imagine the amount of years that the Chinese art historyexisted? That’s why up to this modern time, Chinese art is well respected not only by Asians but also by people all over the world because their art form is known as one of the oldest art form in the history of mankind. There are a lot of art forms involved when we talk about Chinese art and one of first ever Chinese art form is pottery or should I say it should be called as Neolithic pottery based on the Chinese art history.

Later on, the Neolithic pottery was followed by jade culture and bronze casting and then up until the time that calligraphy and painting became famous and became a popular art form in Chinese art history. Sculpture was also a huge part of the Chinese art history but when we talk about paintings, the Chinese were best known for it and their art form were passed from generations to generations that’s why as a fan of art work, I really salute the Chinese because they were really great in making such cool art form especially if we talk about paintings, sculpture and calligraphy.


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