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Chinese Dragon Pictures

Since I was a kid, I am a big fan of dragons and most of the time, I see Chinese dragon pictures but why is that Chinese have the biggest influence when it comes to dragons? As you know, a dragon is a mythical creature and it is a part of the Chinese mythology that’s why Chinese people are fond of painting or taking pictures of dragons. Chinese dragon is really cool and in my own opinion, it is the coolest mythical creature ever, it is much cooler than the dinosaurs I suppose. Chinese dragon pictures are really amazing and there are a lot of people that could paint or make Chinese dragon designs and pictures simply because this mythical creature is famous not only in China but all throughout the world.

In China, an intelligent, excellent and outstanding person are compared to a dragon because a dragon symbolizes these characteristics that’s why a lot of people have dragon pictures in their homes and I am talking about Chinese people. If you can’t find dragon pictures well you could at least see dragon sculptures or dragon statues in a Chinese home. Dragon is a very influential mythical creature for the Chinese and the rest of the world also recognize this mythical creature simply because it is very amazing.

There are different types of dragons in the Chinese dragon zodiac and I am talking about the five elements namely water, fire, earth, metal and wood. These are the different classifications of dragons in the Chinese zodiac and there are also corresponding pictures for each of these dragon elements and the pictures of these dragon elements are very cool. In any way, people surely appreciate Chinese dragon picture not only because of its amazing design and color but simply with its influence not only in Chinese history but also in the world. How I wish that dragons are true and they are not only seen in a picture, I can’t help but think of it sometimes. Chinese dragon is an amazing mythical creature and there are different stories about a Chinese dragon that are passed down from generation to generation.


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