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Hanging Scrolls

Before unrolling a hanging scroll, determine first whether or not it may be safely hung. Chinese painting is most repeatedly encountered in its portable formats: horizontal hand scrolls, vertical hanging scrolls,・・・

Hanging Scroll Asian Arts

More popularly known as kakejiku, hanging scroll Asian arts are essential features of Asian rooms, especially traditional tearooms. The hanging scroll displayed in the room during a tea ceremony often depicts the theme of the occasion.

Wall Scroll

Wall scrolls is simply a piece of art and it could be hanged in a wall. Nowadays, most wall scrolls that are seen are associated with anime or manga but during the olden times, wall scrolls designs are not usually associated with anime or manga.


Kakemono is a Japanese term for hanging scroll but it is more commonly referred and known as kakejiku in Japan. Yes Kakejiku is very popular in Japan and it is a great piece of art. But first, hanging scroll originated in China but it was later on introduced in Japan and finally known as Kakejiku.

Sumi-e Painting

What is sumi-e painting? Well sumi-e painting is also another art form that Asians have been practicing for quite a long time right now. In fact some Asian countries are practicing sumi-e painting for over a thousand of years.

Buddha Painting

Buddhist art is a very popular art in Japan and it is an artistic practice of painting Buddha and it is greatly influenced by Buddhism. Buddha painting is actually very cool and it has been practiced for a very long time right now.

Picture Hanger

What is a picture hanger? Well it is a basic tool in order to hang your pictures on the wall. Any piece of art could be appreciated if it is being hanged on a wall and people usually use a picture hanger ・・・

Chinese Dragon Pictures

Since I was a kid, I am a big fan of dragons and most of the time, I see Chinese dragon pictures but why is that Chinese have the biggest influence when it comes to dragons?

Hanging Art Systems

In any aspect a particular system is very important and when it comes to art, hanging art systems comes in very handy. With a hanging art system, an artist could possible display his arts with great style plus the artist could move these arts so easily.

Chinese Art History

The history of Chinese art is considered as one of the foundations of arts in Asia. Chinese people are very artistic and it is already carved in their history as well that they were one of the very first Asians who have amazing・・・



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