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Japanese Art History

Japanese art works are known all over the world but the Japanese people really consider themselves one of the best artists in the world.

Korean Art History

Korean art is simply one of the best art forms not only in Asian history but in the world history. Koreans are known to be great painters and of course based on the Korean art history, their specialties include pottery, calligraphy and even surface decorations.

Korean Paintings

Korean paintings were greatly influenced by the Chinese painting but as time passes by, Koreans made their own signature when it comes to paintings.

Traditional Japanese Art

A traditional Japanese art could also be referred as a Japanese culture art meaning, this type of art form has been practiced by Japanese since the start of their existence here on earth.

3 Piece Wall Art

A 3 piece wall art is another form of art that has become very famous right now. Actually a 3 piece wall art is just like a 3 in 1 artwork simply because just basing on the name itself; you could directly get it why it is called a 3 piece wall art.

Japanese Drawings

When people talk about Japanese drawings, the thing that comes in my mind is manga or Japanese anime. Yes it is really true because the Japanese were the first to popularize the anime or cartoon especially manga.

Nature Paintings

Some of the artists of today express their talent in nature paintings. One thing I like about nature paintings is that it is very relaxing to look at. Nature paintings are paintings of beautiful spots in the world or in a particular country.

How High To Hang Pictures

There is a proper way on how to hang pictures on your wall or in a picture frame. It is very important to follow the proper way on how to hang pictures on the wall so that the quality of the picture will be appreciated more.

Classic Paintings

Even if some paintings are classic, but its design and art form will never lost its color and value simply because as time goes by; a classic painting will continue to be remembered by a lot of people.

Ink Painting

Art is one of the best activities or passion. There are different ways to do an art like painting, brushing, drawing, just to name a few. Painting is the best thing to describe an art.



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