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Woodblock is made from wood or a single wood allowing creating percussive sound. Woodblock has been used from East Asian as percussion instrument. Woodblock is similar to a drum; it comes with stick to make a sound.

Picture Hanging System

Hyōgushi also known as scroll mounter is the one responsible in assembling a kakejiku. They follow a picture hanging system in creating these works of art.

Hanging scroll Traditional Chinese Art

Hanging scroll traditional Chinese art originated more than 6,000 years ago. It was speculated that the art through painting style started with the written word.

Hanging Scroll Japanese Contemporary Art

In these modern times, it may be hard to choose the best hanging scroll art or kakejiku for your home. Hanging scroll Japanese contemporary art is favored through ・・・

Hanging Scroll Asian Wall Art

Different combinations of craft techniques are essential in creating good hanging scroll Asian wall art. Most of the elements used in creating these artworks consist of metal, cloth, paper and wood.

Hanging scroll art in China

One of the many forms of traditional painting is the hanging scroll art in China. Other forms include handscrolls, album leaves and flat oval fans. A typical hanging scroll has measurement ranging from two to six feet in height. An entire painting can be viewed in a single hanging scroll. It is regarded as a lightweight and flexible painting, which can be changed for different occasions.

Hanging scroll Asian Paintings

The traditional hanging scroll Asian paintings were derived from different types of materials. In China, they used water-based inks and other pigments to create calligraphy of artworks on paper and silk.

Hanging Scroll Chinese Artwork

During the early Chinese history, hanging scroll Chinese artwork is only one of the many forms of wall paintings. Although it was known from archaeological and textual sources, only a few of these traditional artworks have survived.

Hanging Scroll Art Sale

Hanging scroll art sales can be found in different regions in the world. It is important to note the quality and authenticity of a particular hanging scroll that you’re looking for.

Hanging scroll art reproductions

If you can’t find an ancient scroll art or cannot afford to buy it because of its steep price, you can look for hanging scroll art reproductions, and enjoy the painting without hurting your budget.



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