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Hanging scroll traditional Japanese art

Hanging scroll traditional Japanese art is a popular décor in many Asian homes. Kakemono, translated as ‘hanging object,’ is the general term for Japanese hanging scrolls.

Hanging scroll fine art paintings

Hanging scroll fine art paintings are usually called kakemono or kakejiku in Japan. They are mounted or placed on a brocade material so it can be easily rolled up, and store when not in use.

Hanging scroll ancient Japanese art

The Heian Period brought about many noteworthy hanging scroll ancient Japanese arts. This period is divided into two parts, with the first hundred years known as the Kōnin or Jōgan era, and the remaining three centuries as the Fujiwara age.

Hanging scroll Japanese woodblock

Hanging scroll Japanese woodblock also known as ukiyo-e or ‘pictures of the floating world’ was first established during the 16th and 17th century.

Hanging scroll online art galleries

Many artworks from famous artists can be seen in hanging scroll online art galleries. You can visit them to learn more about the beauty of hanging scrolls or to purchase these decors for your home. Here are several famous hanging scroll art to look for.

Hanging scroll funky wall art

Despite of it being traditional, with roots that can be traced back thousands of years; hanging scroll funky wall art can be a great addition to any home.

Hanging scroll framed paintings

Hanging scroll framed paintings are great creations of art. They are pleasing to the eyes, full of meaning, and conjure a deeper sense of calmness to the viewers.

Hanging scroll Asian Artists

Many great hanging scroll Asian artists lived as early as the 4th century. Many of them are calligraphers associated with Buddhism in China. Japanese rely on calligraphy on writing their language, but was heavily influenced by Chinese calligraphers.

Hanging scroll Chinese landscape

Also called, sansuiga, hanging scroll Chinese landscape paintings is a genre of artwork that has developed in China. San means mountain, sui means river and ga means picture.

Hanging scroll painting for sale

You can search online stores and physical shops to look for hanging scroll painting for sale. They come in different sizes, shapes and subjects.



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