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Hanging scroll landscape artist

Landscape painting techniques come from Chinese Ink wash painting. Chinese paintings show the thoughts of Taoism, Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism however ancient japanese landscape artists transformed more simplify and imaginability such as sansui-ga, from black to white monotones put on greenish tones to represent mountains, animals, water fall and trees.

Hanging scroll famous landscape paintings

Hokusai KATSUSHIKA's "Fu-Gaku 36 Kei" and Hiroshige UTAGAWA's "Tokai-do 53 tsugi" are two top of the Japanese famous landcape paintings and also very famous about ukiyo-e put on hanging scrolls.

Hanging scroll fine art gallery

Have you ever enjoyed at fine art gallery?Yes or No is not problem now. We watched the truth of what is fine art at that box.Then, I would like to know what is the fine art and why we need fine art gallery?A fine art is a just developping a beauty of a work and art.

Hanging scroll woodblock prints

Why he is the developer of woodblock prints for ukiyo-e and why he know how to drive it?He born in the famouse family of the Japanese traditional dye technic, Yuzen. He put fake gold cake color on his works. After his task, other painter draw beautiful flowers, animals and so on using a chinese ink brush made of animal furs.

Hanging scroll bamboo art

Ancient Chinese painting artists loved to draw bamboo and made something from strip of bamboo stalks: verse, lampshade, baskets, plates, bags, ball and hanging scroll.

Hanging scroll Chinese ink paintings

There are 3 kinds of categories in Chinese ink paintings.First is a famouse chinese poems and historical stories in chinese characters with a maker where he sang a lirics at a site.

Hanging scroll painting artists

In Chine, hanging scrolls spreaded with Buddihism to pray their aspiration for thousands of gods and goddesses. Hence, in Japan, they used hanging scrolls daily after the last of Muromachi period, when they established our basic housing sytle, Shoin-Tsukuri.

Hanging scroll Chinese artifacts

In China, there were so many inventions which changes the world: Chinese character, papers, wood-block prints, ink Cakes, silk banners. Those are Chinese artifacts which can make hanging scrolls basic technologies.

Hanging scroll nice paintings

We Japanese have huge amount of nice paintings and we can enjoy them both online musiumns and heritabes. Most of nice paintings before WW2 are hanging scrolls.

Hanging scroll flowers painting

In Japan, we describe natural world "Ka-Cho-Fuh-Getus". Flowers are the top of "Ka-Cho-Fuh-getus", "Ka" is a flower in Japanese so that there are so many flowers paintings on hanging scrolls.



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