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Hanging Scroll Asian Arts

More popularly known as kakejiku, hanging scroll Asian arts are essential features of Asian rooms, especially traditional tearooms. The hanging scroll displayed in the room during a tea ceremony often depicts the theme of the occasion. In tea ceremonies, the kakejiku is more widely known as cha-kakejiku – the word cha, which means tea. It is important to use hanging scrolls that complement the room interiors. Other types of kakejiku can be seen in ordinary rooms and most religious temples. As an art, kakejiku can be quite simple but encompasses people of different walks of life. Its accessibility to everyone makes it a perfect décor for every household. The design of each kakejiku conjures deep meaning since many ancient artists and calligraphers use scrolls as a medium for their artworks and poetry. Although most people think of kakejiku as Japanese frames, they are not the same as common framing. Hanging scroll arts are meant to be rolled down and rolled up, so that it can be easier to store and maintain. That’s why it is important to pick hanging scroll Asian arts that are made from high-grade materials. The layers of cloth and paper should also fit perfectly with each other. If the hanging scroll art is made up of fine materials, it could last for long years without tearing and wearing off.

Hanging scroll art can be displayed in any rooms, and in any regions in the world. But the conditions in these rooms should be properly monitored. It is important to maintain the appropriate humidity to safeguard the quality of the scroll, since most of the materials used in making these artworks came from the natural climate of the country where it originated. Proper care should be done to make sure your scrolls will last in pristine condition.

From the simplest of homes to the most extravagant households of richer families, hanging scroll Asian arts are well appreciated. The symbolisms found in each frame convey different meanings, which serves as the basis in choosing the right kakejiku for your household. People choose certain designs based of what they desire in life. There are different themes for moods, luck and religious beliefs. Hanging scrolls are also great works of art that can be passed on from one generation to another. It can serve as a family heirloom, well loved and treasured for the years to come. It is perfect in every household and as a gift to your loved ones and friends.


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