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Hanging scroll bamboo art

Ancient Chinese painting artists loved to draw bamboo and made something from strip of bamboo stalks: verse, lampshade, baskets, plates, bags, ball and hanging scroll. Chinese Bamboo art some animals living with same space such as a tiger and birds. And also they made the legend of a princess come from moon she born in bamboo and grew up rapidly as well as bamboo itself.

Furthermore, they made bamboo fine square cuts and aligned and connected them. This boards were easy to delivery because it can roll up and down, and put on drawings. This is the second face of bamboo art. We call it hanging scroll. Some Artists made all of parts of hanging scroll form bamboo square fine cut pieces.

There are so many pieces bamboo in East Asian area and they got thin bamboo and fired it and compose burned face and non-burned face to construct each of them and figure out something like flowers, girls and so on. Some places were difficult to make Chinese brushes themselves so that there is no choice to import them from China. It was so expensive and ordinal people could not buy them.

One day, a person knew a character of bamboo ? bamboo has an endurance of fired caused by hold water entire their body. However an artist discovered burned colors put on thinner bamboo’s strip of sticks. Bamboo arts have couple of aspects however both of them were influence from natural resources around human beings.


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