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Hanging scroll painting artists

In Chine, hanging scrolls spreaded with Buddihism to pray their aspiration for thousands of gods and goddesses. Hence, in Japan, they used hanging scrolls daily after the last of Muromachi period, when they established our basic housing sytle, Shoin-Tsukuri. The Shhoin-Tsukuri has as alcove which ancient Japanese people root from their spirits to wild spirits. They put ou a seasonal and eventual hanging scroll at there.

There are so many painting artists however their sweet point of painting area are a landscape, flowers and birds, Chinese and Japanese poets or epic poetries and an illustration, Japanese calligraphy using ink cakes. In Edo period, Portraits such as the Beautiful-woman pictures and a Kabuki actor drawing, were popular and printed out a lot using silk screen.

The ukiyo-e, influenced and inspired world wide artists, there were 4 members of specialists: the painter of ukiyo-e painting artist, The engraver of a wood-block print, coloring artists who paints in the picture printed from wood engraving and a publisher.

1. A ukiyo-e school publisher which has a lot of base copy designs, are planining to order ukiyo-e painting artist to draw a work.

2. An ukiyo-e painting artist, works at the ukiyo-e school, draws a block-copy picture.

3. A publisher submits the charge of a Japanese picture book and allow the signiture of publishing.

4. An engraver put the block-copy picture turn off on tree block and carves main wood-block print. After this process the block-copy disappered.

5. A colorist trys to make 10 monocro copies with chacol and hands them on the ukiyo-e painting artist.

6. The ukiyo-e painting artist put the colors on each 10 of monocro-copies and drow down delicate parts such as kinomo design.

7. The engraver makes colerd block-copies.

8. The colorist makes trial coloerd print on orderd.

9. When ukiyo-e painting artist admitted to trial print, the colorist print out 200 for first publisher. However, the out of this rule is very popular ukiyo-e painting artists work, the colorint print out for more than 200 as a make-to-stock production.

10. a Japanese picture book sell these prints.


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