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Kakemono is a Japanese term for hanging scroll but it is more commonly referred and known as kakejiku in Japan. Yes Kakejiku is very popular in Japan and it is a great piece of art. But first, hanging scroll originated in China but it was later on introduced in Japan and finally known as Kakejiku. A lot of Kakejiku artists right now are doing great Kakejiku designs. Kakejiku is a scroll painting and in English term, it is usually referred as calligraphy, a type of art that uses a silk fabric or cloth in painting and it is usually hanged in walls or should I say it should be called hanging scroll painting.

I am personally a big fan of hanging scroll artists especially if those artists create great designs of Kakejiku. Since we are know in a modern generation, hanging scroll designs also adapt to the society and right now, designs of those hanging scroll are usually anime or any favorite cartoon character that the artists desired to make from their design. But still, old school type of designs is still available and those designs would remind us about the past and how famous Kakejiku is in the past. In my own opinion, I personally respect this type of art and I consider it as a great form of art since it is made from a high quality cloth and of course if a particular artist is using a high quality cloth then it is expected that the output is also with a high quality.

Time will come that kakejiku will be popular not only in China and Japan but on the rest of the world. I wanted that people will appreciate the beauty and the essence of this type of art form. Some may consider it rare but for me, it is one of the greatest forms of art. It is also not a simple art and it is not easy to paint your design in a scroll or in a piece of cloth. It takes time and concentration in order to produce a high quality output. But of course to conclude, Kakejiku is simply Japanese term and it is also referred as Kakemono.


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