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Sumi-e Painting

What is sumi-e painting? Well sumi-e painting is also another art form that Asians have been practicing for quite a long time right now. In fact some Asian countries are practicing sumi-e painting for over a thousand of years. Yes this type of art was inherited by Asians from their great ancestors that’s why Asians right now still practice sumi-e painting as a part of their tradition and culture in art and also in showing some respect to their great ancestors who introduced this amazing way of painting and showcasing a talent in arts. Sumi-e painting is also known as ink painting and it is not an easy art form also.

Sometimes, sumi-e painting is often confused as calligraphy since the tools that are being used by the two art form are a bit the same but to tell you frankly, sumi-e painting and calligraphy are different from each other even if the tools being used are more of the same. The difference between sumi-e painting and calligraphy is that sumi-e painting is an art form and the particular output of the design is painting a scene or object using a ink brush and calligraphy on the other hand is a graceful and artistic type of representation of written characters and still using an ink brush as a tool for painting.

I can’t help myself but appreciate the art of sumi-e painting. Sumi-e artists are usually graceful and passionate about their artwork but at the same time, those artists are also using contemplative type of painting. In my own opinion, today’s generation should appreciate sumi-e painting because this type of art form has been practiced for a very long time and I’m talking more especially on the Asian generation because this type of art form originated in Asia and were used by our ancestors in order to express their feelings and talent through this form of art. Everytime I see a sumi-e painting I simply appreciate its beauty because the emotions of the artist is clearly seen on the output of the sumi-e painting.


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