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Wall Scrolls

Wall scrolls is simply a piece of art and it could be hanged in a wall. Nowadays, most wall scrolls that are seen are associated with anime or manga but during the olden times, wall scrolls designs are not usually associated with anime or manga. Wall scrolls is made from a piece of cloth of a high quality and its texture is very amazing because the details of the design are very great to look at. Some people might get it wrong and associate wall scrolls with a poster but actually wall scrolls is not a poster because it is not made from a poster paper but it is made from a piece of cloth and its quality and design is simply amazing.

Wall scrolls are becoming more and more popular nowadays because most of anime fans create wall scrolls in order for their favorite anime character. Traditionally speaking, wall scrolls or should I say hanging scrolls were first used by the Chinese and later on it was also used by the Japanese and the Japanese term for hanging scroll or wall scrolls is Kakemono. Traditional Japanese houses usually have wall scrolls hanged in their walls. Kakemono is simply the Japanese term for hanging scroll.

In China, wall scrolls symbolizes an early form of literature and the materials used by the Chinese before are bamboo straps and silk banners. Right now, since it is the modern time, there have been several enhancements made from wall scrolls. Before it was just all about words but right now, several designs and images are painted on wall scrolls. These amazing design especially anime designs made the wall scrolls even more popular nowadays. To conclude, wall scrolls are simply a piece of art and I can’t help myself but appreciate everytime I see wall scrolls being hanged in a home. Wall scrolls for me are very cool and I would really love to have on and hanged it in my room too. Wall scrolls are sold online and some great designs of wall scrolls are being auctioned.


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